A warm cup of tea is welcome at any time of year, especially in the colder months. Start the year off by cozying up to a favorite cup (or pot) full of your favorite tea; January is National Hot Tea Month.
However you sip it, Hot Tea Month is a great time to celebrate the deliciousness of a warm cup of tea. We’ve come up with 10 ways to help you celebrate; you can never have enough of this tasty beverage!

1. Try something new
There are over 100 blends of tea to try, we bet you haven’t tried them all! Are you usually a green tea person? Branch out and try a white tea or a rooibos tea. Rooibos teas are distinctly South African and have a deliciously sweet flavor. They are naturally caffeine-free and filled with antioxidants. Try one like Amaretto (2021) or Strawberries and Cream (2361) after a hearty meal to wind down your day!

2. Cook with tea
Tea is so versatile and has many different uses, including cooking. Use tea as the base of a soup, mix it in cake or muffin mix, or sprinkle matcha in your smoothie or morning yogurt. Try a new recipe like Vegetable Rice Turmeric Soup or Earl Grey Waffles. You never know what you’ll discover!

3. Blend It
Have two teas that you love? Try blending them together for something new. Simply add both to an infuser and steep! This could be your next favorite; give it a name for fun. 😉

4. Take Tea Notes
Just like a wine sommelier, you can begin your own tasting notebook or blog. Take notes to refer to. Write down the tea type, smell, appearance and taste. Discover your personal tastes and share your learnings with friends and family. You never know, you could become the next tea expert!

5. Share it
What better way to celebrate than to share a cuppa tea with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues. Simply invite them over or buy a bag of tea, write a note and leave it for them in a special place. They’ll thank you later.

6. Host a ParTea
Take sharing one step further and have your gal and guy friends over for a night of fun and tea. You can sample three or four teas and learn more about Steeped Tea. Book your ParTea date, send the invite, and have fun while earning Host rewards! What are you waiting for?

7. Gift it
Is there a special occasion coming up? A birthday, Valentine’s, or a ‘just because’? Pick out a Collection of Tea or even purchase a Tea-zer subscription for the special someone! Every tea lover would love more tea to help celebrate their day and Hot Tea Month!

8. Take a moment
The New Year is a time to reflection and renewal. What better way to start the year than with a warm cup of tea? Cuddle up with an energizing black tea or a soothing herbal tea and write down your goals for the year or read a new book while you sip away Hot Tea Month.

9. Start a tea club
A group of friends who are also tea enthusiasts might as well form a club! Get together monthly, sample new teas at a ParTea, and discuss which ones you loved and which ones you’ll try next. Share your tasting notes at the monthly club!

10. Experiment
Warm cups of tea don’t stop at Hot Tea Month in January. Carry these new traditions all year through and experiment with other ways to serve it too! Try a sangria recipe at your next party or tea club meeting. Here’s our 3-step, fool proof Sangria recipe that never fails:

1. Strongly brew your favorite tea. Citrus Mint Sangria (3291) is our top choice!
2. Add a splash of fruit juice and a splash of wine (optional).
3. Add sliced fruit or berries, mint leaves and ice. Stir and serve!

How are you sharing tea this month and celebrating Hot Tea Month? Share your tea photos using #lovinmysteeped or tell us on our Facebook Page. Happy Hot Tea Month!