Steep back and fall in love with these fun Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) tea bar ideas! Choose 3 or 4 and watch the tea sparks fly.
1) Set the table. Use Valentine’s Day cards as place settings or ask guests to bring their favorite teacup!
2) Spice things up with Cinnamon Hearts, Pu’erh. This earthy tea is always an instant hit and tastes just like the throwback confectionery treat!
3) Have the guys and gals over for a tea cocktail mixing night! Start with our Raspberry Peach Lemonade to get inspired. Your no shows will be jealous when you share your night on #insta! #sipology
4) Add extra sweetness by making a Sweet Dip Mix. Try Berry Bliss in plain yogurt. Serve with fruit for a healthy pairing.
5) Impress your sweetheart with a gift! Personalize the Big Sip Shaker, it’s perfect!
6) Take it to the next level with a tea blending bar. Feel free to experiment. Here are some ideas:
Strawberry Fields, green tea + Sweet Chocolate Matcha = Chocolate covered strawberries
Chocolate Earl Grey, black tea + Maraschino Cherry, black tea = Chocolate Cherry Sundae.
7) Make it personal with your added touch! Try paper hearts and bunting banners for décor!
8) Make it really sweet! Exclusively sample our new Sweet Sips line – Sweet Peach Matcha and Chai Lattes, anyone?
9) Nothing says love more than the Love of Gold Collection. Hosts of your tea bar can purchase it for 70% off! This set makes coveted gift for wedding season!

10) Set the stage with Raspberry, oolong! It’s beautiful and naturally sweet. It will be a hit at your February tea bars!
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