4 Fab Fall Tea Bar Themes Your Guests Will Love

The season of apple picking, hayrides and sweater weather is here! What better way to rock total Autumn vibes than to throw a Fall Tea Bar? Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got four autumnal Tea Bar theme ideas that are sure to be a hit this season!

1) Gingerb-ready to Party!

Time to spice up your life with a Gingerbread themed party! Set the mood with the Sip, Gather and Celebrate Candle (7076), which has a delicious Gingerbread scent. Then, welcome your guests with something sweet – try making a cheeseball out of our Jolly Gingerbread Sweet Dip Mix (12054CA/12054US) and serving it up with graham crackers, fruit, or even gingerbread men! Don’t forget your sips! Offer Gingerbread Matcha (4491CA/4491US) for a pick-me-up and Gingerbread, Pu’erh Tea (5217CA/5217US) for your guests looking to try something bold and different. 

2) Apple Orchard Tea Bar

Be the apple of your guests’ eyes and throw an Apple Orchard Tea Bar! Start the party off right with Apple Crumble, Black Tea (1187CA/1187US). Have your guests mingle while they visit your apple snack bar! Serve a variety of apple slices with dip options such as: caramel, peanut butter and our Apple Crumble Sweet Dip Mix (12052CA/12052US) in some Greek yogurt. Add some chopped nuts to top it all off! Looking for a cute way to display your toppings? Serve them in Cosmo Cups (9171) for the perfect serving size!

3) Perfect Pumpkin Party

Pumpkins are the epitome of fall, there’s no denying it, so give your guests pumpkin to talk about and rock a Perfect Pumpkin Party! Where to begin!? Let’s start by brewing up some iced Pumpkin Banana Bread, Fruit Tea (8442CA/8442US) and serving it in a hollowed out pumpkin as a punch bowl. Fill your guests’ tummies with our Spinach Dip Seasoning (12029CA/12029US) prepared as a cheeseball – take it a step further and shape it into a pumpkin, crust it with cheesy tortilla chips and top with a pepper stem. Your guests will be saying, “ Oh my gourd!” Close out this seasonal soiree by steeping up some Pumpkin Pie, Rooibos Tea (2392CA/2392US) – a tasty, calorie free dessert! 

4) Backyard Bonfire

Gather your friends and family for a crackling, backyard bonfire where they can rock their comfiest sweater and cuddle up with a ‘cuppa fireside. Channel the flannel and deck your party venue out with some flannel tablecloths and woodsy décor for a rustic feel. Offer up a hot chocolate bar where your guests can get creative and choose their comforting hot chocolate of choice, be it: The Real Deal (7187CA/7187US), Peppermint (7188CA/7188US), or Salted Caramel (7189CA/7189US). Include marshmallows, whipped cream, crushed mints, shaved chocolate and caramel sauce as topping options. 


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