With our new Spring/Summer Catalog, we introduced two new matcha teas: Pineapple Punch and Sweet Strawberry. They join our Matcha, green tea and our Melon Ball Matcha as Steeped Tea becomes even madder for matcha!

Here are five more ways you can use this pure, powdered green tea:

1) Start a new ritual. In traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, the activity revolves around the ceremonial presentation of matcha green tea. During this gathering, they believe in simplicity, harmony, respect, and that each ceremony should be special. With this in mind, why not start a morning ritual of your own? Before you start your busy day, make time for matcha with your morning meal. Spend a quiet moment with yourself while you sip a perfect cup.

2) Make matcha ice cubes. Add cold matcha tea to an ice cube tray and place in your freezer. Use frozen matcha ice cubes in cocktails, your favorite lemonade, a cold brewed tea, or even a glass of water.

3) Try a matcha facemask. Matcha can be used as a facemask to replenish and smooth your skin. In a small bowl, simply add a few drops of water to 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea. Don’t add too much water as it should remain a thicker consistency and stick to your face. Apply to your skin and leave on for few minutes. Wash off with a damp cloth.

4) Add to granola. To tone down the sweetness of your favorite granola mix, sprinkle with matcha. Eat this rolled oats mix over yogurt for breakfast or as a nice afternoon snack.

5) Have a green tea Party in March. ¬†With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, now is the perfect time to suggest a green tea themed Party to your Hosts. If their guests haven’t tried matcha before, this is your opportunity to introduce all the great ways to use it. For a sweet snack, serve up our green Matcha Mousse alongside some fruit.

For more on matcha, visit the Steeped Tea #MeetYourMatcha page: steepedtea.com/meetyourmatcha.

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