Valentine’s Day is here this weekend and we know you’re ready to parTEA! You’ve written all of your children’s cards for their classmates, plus you’re ready with gifts for your sweetie and your mom. This weekend, you’ll be spreading the love! Here’s our top five tips to make your Valentine’s Day or ‘Galentine’s Day’ Party extra sweet:

  1. Hand out these Valentine’s Day DIY Cards: There are so many ways to make use of our latest printable! Sending party invites? Use the Valentine’s Day cards to spread the word about your upcoming Valentine’s Day or ‘Galentine’s Day’ tea party. Your guests will love getting one of these and knowing about your upcoming event.Already sent the invite? Attach these cards to tea samples and hand them out as party favors. Your friends will walk away smiling from ear-to-ear. Click here to download the cards.
  2. Make your own table cloth: We’ve been inspired to create our own table cloth for a Valentine’s Day party! Simply take a white cloth and use fabric paint to mark the cloth with x’s and o’s. Wait to dry. It’s the perfect backdrop for your tea party’s spread.
  3. Serve the Love at First Sip Collection: A Valentine’s party isn’t complete without these six delectable teas. From Cinnamon Hearts Pu’erh to Maraschino Cherry, this limited time collection is the perfect sample to this themed party.
  4. Offer tea and chocolate pairings: Who says you have to choose between tea and chocolate? Let’s make it both; we think these two are meant to be together! Party goers can enjoy the pairing of Pu’erh and dark chocolate, Oolong and milk chocolate, Earl Grey de la Crème and fruit filled chocolate, or Green tea with white chocolate. These are just a few ideas, so get creative! The pairings can really bring out the flavors of each.
  5. Serve heart-shaped treats: Tonia’s Perfect Scone Mix makes a traditional treat. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to turn them into a lovely snack. Add fruit into the mix or use Strawberry Rhubarb Jam for fresh flavor.

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