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Peach Margarita

Aug 01,2018

Print Peach Margarita Prep time: 5 mins Cook time: 3 mins Total time: 8 mins Serves: 2 Ingredients ½ cup peeled peaches, chopped ¾ cup cold...

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Pineapple Potion Pops

Jul 27,2018

Print Pineapple Potion Pops A magical, frozen treat that the kids will love! Made with our color-changing Pineapple Potion, fruit tea! Ingredients 2...

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Pineapple Mango Slushie

Jun 30,2018

Print Pineapple Mango Slushie Serves: 2 Beat the summer heat with this sweet, icy sip - made with our delicious Pineapple Potion, fruit tea!...

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How To Host The Best Long Weekend Tea Bar

Jun 26,2018

Every time a long weekend rolls around, people are looking for something they can do with their friends, family or coworkers where they can socialize, sip, and relax....

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5 Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Jun 15,2018

Wondering what to get your dad for Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered. We’ve made sure that there’s something for everyone, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect...

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