Summer’s almost over and class is around the corner. Whether you’re shuffling the kids back to grade school or sending your college kid back to the dorm room, we’ve got the teas that’ll help you both get into your September routine and hit the books.

Start the day right
Your College student can hit the ground running at their morning classes with an energizing black tea.
Black teas have bolder flavors ranging from mild to strong. We recommend Apple Crumble, black tea or a classic Earl Grey de la Crème.

Moms, get to the gym before putting the kids on the school bus by starting your day with matcha green tea. Matcha is the hottest trend in tea; it originates from Japan and is the finest green tea. A potent source of nutrients, rich in antioxidants and detoxification properties, matcha gives an energy boost and calm-alertness.

Try Mocha Matcha or Tonia’s Pumpkin Matcha to get you in the fall spirit. Best part? You can blend the fine green powder into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, and more! Show us how you matcha by using #matchamademedoit and #meetyourmatcha.

Study break
Send your honour student a care package of rooibos teas to help them between library sessions.

Also known as red bush, rooibos comes from the needle like leaves of a shrub gown in South Africa. It’s often drank to satisfy sweet cravings without the calories or guilt. Try Apple Cinnamon Donut or Crème Carmello for a sweet tea without caffeine. These teas are great for the kiddos too!

Wind down
A secret to a successful school year is a great night of sleep. Take the time at the end of your day to relax and sip a cuppa tea. Herbal teas are crafted with real herbs, fruits and spices that complement your wellness journey. They’re soothing and a great way to treat your body to something good. Don’t Worry Be Happy and Egyptian Chamomile, herbal teas are a great bedtime tradition!

Study Buddy
All of these teas pair perfectly with a great tea accessory! A Pop Top Tumbler, Meet Your Matcha Shaker, or Insignia Mug will help you sip tea on-the-go.

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