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Sipologist Spotlight: SARAH

Sep 18,2019

Canadian Sipologist, Sarah, has been absolutely rocking her tea business and is currently a Senior Group Leader with Sipology. She has twins turning 18 this October and...

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Heal-Thy Self Health Benefits

Sep 11,2019

Herbal Natural Health Products are made of medicinal plants with a long history in traditional medicine. Sipology uses a powerful combination of medicinal herbal natural...

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Bubbly Tea Health Benefits

Aug 28,2019

Our New Line of Bubbly Tea is not only delicious, but nutritious, as well! It is made with basil seeds and real fruit. Our Bubbly Tea comes in three amazing flavors:...

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Sipologist Spotlight: COLLEEN

Aug 19,2019

USA Sipologist, Colleen, has been rising to the top of the ranks and is currently a Group Leader with Sipology. Not only does she have her tea business, but she balances her...

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Jul 15,2019

USA Sipologist, Michelle, is a Senior Group Leader and is always rocking her tea business with a smile! We just had to catch up with her to see what her tea business is all...

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