Need a new week day lunch idea? Whether you’re headed to school, work, or just want to meal prep, we have you covered with another bento box idea. Steeped Tea products are so versatile and can be easily incorporated into any meal, including a simple lunch.

What is a bento?
Popular in Japanese cuisine, a bento is a single, portion-controlled takeout or homemade meal placed in one box-shaped container, often found with dividers or stacking boxes inside. Steeped Tea’s products work perfectly in a bento box.

Benefits of a bento box
There are so many benefits to packing this style of lunch including how easy and simple it is. We’re all about keeping things easy at Steeped Tea! Plus a bento box helps you with healthy choices and portion control.

What to pack
A traditional bento box usually contains a protein option, a carb and cooked or uncooked vegetables. You can include fruits too for a well-balance meal.


Here’s what we’ve put into this bento box:
1. A healthy garden salad with cucumbers and tomatoes. We’re using MinTEA Mediterranean Vinaigrette Mix for the dressing. The dressing is a tangy citrus mix and is ideal for salad. For a light lunch, we opted for no protein.

2. On the side, we have fresh cauliflower and carrots. The MinTEA Mediterranean Vinaigrette can also be used to dip these raw veggies.

3. Using the Morning Glory Dessert Cups, put in Strawberry Applesauce using Steeped Tea’s Apple Cinnamon Topper. It gives a nice added touch!

4. For dessert, Pumpkin Spice Shortbread cookies. These are a spiced up take on the deliciously light and buttery cookie. They are easy to make and perfect to pack in a fall lunch.

5. Finally, wash this bento box down with a cup of Ginger Chai, black tea. Yum!

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