September means the kids are back-to-school (we know you’re secretly saying ‘yay!’) and you’re back to routine! As much as we’re sad to see summer go, we’re ready to welcome the fall season with open arms.

The season also means packing fresh lunches. Tonia loves sharing her healthy meal ideas (lately she’s using the hashtag #realfoodforlife on her new Instagram account) and we’re here to show you just how simple Steeped Tea products can be incorporated into your back-to-school and back-to-routine lunches. It’s simple to pack lunch in a bento box using some of Tonia’s favorite and easy go-to lunch ideas and snacks.

What is a bento?
Popular in Japanese cuisine, a bento is a single, portion-controlled takeout or homemade meal placed in one box-shaped container, often found with dividers or stacking boxes inside. Steeped Tea’s products work perfectly in a bento box.

Benefits of a bento box
There are so many benefits to packing this style of lunch including how easy and simple it is. We’re all about keeping things easy at Steeped Tea! Plus a bento box helps you with healthy choices and portion control.

What to pack
A traditional bento box contains a protein option, a carb and cooked or uncooked vegetables. You can include fruits too for a well-balance meal.


Here’s what we’ve packed in this bento box:
1. Hardboiled egg with Smoky Tea-Aki Rub (Tonia’s pick for an afternoon snack!)

2. Tonia’s Perfect Scones topped with our Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, so yummy.

3. Carrot sticks with a side of Smoky Ranch Dip Mix for dipping. For this, we substituted mayonnaise and sour cream with Greek yogurt.

4. Sliced apples with Apple Cinnamon Topper sprinkled on top!

5. Don’t forget to include a favorite tea on the side! We’ve gone with Winter Sangria, fruit tea for this lunch.


What will you put in your own Steeped Tea bento box? Tell us on our Facebook Page!