It’s National Iced Tea Month. What’s a better way to kick off the summer season than to enjoy a nice cold brew of your favorite tea blend? Let’s bring the ParTea to your house with an iced tea tasting. Here are five ways sip all summer.

Cold Steep
Place any tea into the Iced Tea Infusion Jug, Sweet Tea Pitcher or Pop Top Tumbler. Use 1.5 times more tea than you would for a hot brew. Pour in cold water and add ice. Let chill.

How Brew
Place three scoops of your preferred fruit tea directly into the Sweet Tea Pitcher or Pop Top Tumbler. Fill half-way with boiling water and let steep according to the Steeped Tea brewing chart. After steeping, add 1 cup of ice. This is a perfect way to make iced tea quickly and serve at a ParTea, with little preparation, or on the go in your Pop Top.

Ready to experiment? Try out these cold tea recipes:

Citrus Italian Soda: This tasty sipper uses Citrus Mint Sangria ice cubes and Italian Orange Soda, fruit tea to make a refreshingly good ParTea hit. Get the recipe.

La-la-lavender Lemonade: Heading to a pool ParTea? Bring this sweet treat featuring Honey Lavender, rooibos tea. Everyone will get relief from the heat. Try the recipe.

3-Step Spritzer: Turning your tea into a Tea Spritzer is easy as 1,2,3. Demonstrate this at a ParTea, just add sparkling water and ice. Voila! Get the recipe.

Who’s ready to Chill. Sip. Repeat? Let us know your favorite iced tea recipes on our Facebook Page and book an iced tea ParTea; contact your Consultant today.