Are you ready for a flippin’ fantastic 2018? Everyone is setting new goals and you should too! It’s time to rethink how we do life and business! Here are three types of goals you can make for yourself and some tips to taking the steps to achieve them.

1. Family Goals

As the new year hits, many often make goals revolving around their family and kids. Do you want to spend more time with family or save for a family vacation? How can a little extra income help you do this? How can working on your own terms help? Or, do you know someone making this goal? Share the Steeped Tea business opportunity with them.

It’s so important for our health to take time for each other. As the world continues to move at a fast pace, this should be a top goal in 2018. Plan regular tea tastings with friends and family to gather, laugh, and share with each other. Or, how about board games and tea night? You never know what memories you’ll make or inspiration you’ll find in the company of others.

2. Health Goals

Getting healthy is on almost everyone’s mind in January. Tea offers a solution to those thinking of making a change. Tea can help with hydration and energy. It’s a healthier alternative to many sugary drinks and to coffee as well. Did you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water? Tea is a hot trend! Who are you sharing tea with?

3. Business Goals

Making business goals at the start of the year can set you up for success – to generate more income, be rewarded and recognized. Consultants, here are some tips on setting business goals:

– Use the Steeped Tea Academy modules to guide you.
– Look at the exciting new January programs and incentives and make a check list on how you’re going to achieve them!
– Help a new team member by using the Success Start Guide. Or, get back to basics and fill it out again for yourself!
– Consider setting the goal of a new monthly minimum of $2000! With this goal, you will qualify for a 5% Sales Bonus each month. Achieve this consecutively and you could be recognized at our annual Conference!
– Set a goal to attend Conference in July 2018! Qualify for your trip to Conference by May 31! Receive the VIP Conference experience – includes airfare, hotel accommodations (double occupancy), a VIP Welcome Dinner with Tonia at a favorite restaurant! You don’t want to miss this. What steps are you taking to get there?!

Tips for achieving and maintaining your goals:

  • Choose a friend or team member to share your goal with and hold you accountable.
  • Use a journal or app like Google Keep, Wunderlist or to help you make lists and stay focused daily, weekly, monthly. The Steeped Tea Academy tools also help!
  • Put your list of goals somewhere where you’ll see it every day so you’ll never lose site.
  • Make 2018 fun!! Don’t stress about the small stuff and be open to experiencing all that is new!

What goals are you making? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Consultants, do you have a personal, business or team goal!? We’d love to hear it.