Cottontails, cutesy candy, and an abundance of chocolaty treats are just around the corner as we welcome Spring and the Easter holiday. Easter is the perfect excuse to have a Tea Party! Looking for fun and fabulous ideas? Check out these easy-to-do Easter Tea Party concepts and give them a try. Share your Easter parTEA plans using #lovinmysteeped. We can’t wait to see how you celebrate!

Share these squares on your social media network to invite all of your friends to your ParTEA. Alternatively, print them out and make a hand-written note to give to your family.

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Spring is all about the fresh blooms of our favorite seasonal flowers. Decorate your tea party table with tulips. Place shorter stems in the Cove Collection (code 9173) for a colorful centrepiece.

If you love lightly colored pastels, try this alternative way to staining your Easter eggs:
Dye your eggs with tea

Supplies: hard-boiled eggs, water, cups or bowls, teas of your choice, Steeping Sacks or infusers, white vinegar, colored thread.


1. Bring water to a boil. Fill the cups or bowls with the boiling water.

2. Steep teas of your choice using infusers or Steeping Sacks for 15 minutes (for a darker color, leave in longer).

3. Remove infusers or Steeping Sacks and pour in 1 – 2 teaspoons of vinegar.

4. Place hard-boiled eggs in the cups or bowls and leave for up to six hours. For darker color, leave in longer.

5. Carefully remove the eggs and set on a rack to dry.

6. Optional: wrap thread around eggs for a pop of color.

Use your new, tea stained Easter eggs as decor for your Party!

Steeped Tea makes pleasing the taste buds easy with our go-to, simple recipes. The flavors of Easter are light and flavorful. Here’s what to serve:

1. La-la Lavender Lemonade: our newest recipe is sure to be a hit. It features the floral and sweet Honey Lavender, rooibos tea (code 2371). The refreshing treat will kick-off your party. Get the recipe HERE.

2. Chocolate Ginger Green Tea Carrot Cake: making Steeped Tea’s Chocolate Ginger Loaf (code 14001) into a classic carrot cake is made easy with this simple recipe. Optional: added matcha cream cheese icing for a sweeter taste. Get the recipe HERE.

3. Lemon Dill Scones: this flaky, moist scone is perfect served with a bowl of Easter carrot soup. Get the light and savory mix: code 14206.

4. Caramel Corn Bunny Tails: serve an extra treat for the kids. Add Caramel Apple Cheeseball Mix (code 12035) to popcorn and serve in cups with bunny ears. Get the recipe HERE.

5. Earl Grey Waffles: for an Easter brunch, enjoy these infused waffles with our signature Earl Grey de la Crème, black tea (code 1011). They are to die for. Get the recipe HERE.

Tea Tasting
No Party is complete without the right amount of teas. Here are our suggestions to pair with an Easter Tea Party:

Lemon Chiffon, green tea: refresh your taste buds with this silky sweet lemon tea (code 4211).
Dark Chocolate Chai, black tea: enjoy the taste of rich chocolate in this favorite chai blend (code 1151).
Remember Me, herbal tea: you’ll never forget this earthy blend of rosemary, gingko and gotu kola. With hints of lavender, it will pair perfectly with Easter morning (code 8371).
Berry Mania, fruit tea: an unforgettable rich berry taste. So many berries, so little time! Perfect for the kids (code 3011).

Hostess Gift
Heading to Easter brunch? Give your Hostess the gift of tea instead of chocolates. Pair their favorite blend with the Teaora Necklace. They’ll stand out with this stunning leaf locket. It’s adorned with teal crystals and infused with tea fragrances, a perfect gift (code 9531).

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