Cocktail and Sangria teas, great for guests and parties!

Party. Enjoy. Relax.

Everyone needs a little bit of fun in their life!

Who said tea had to just be steeped leaves and sitting by a fireplace with a book? Be the life of the party with these fun cocktails and sangrias to take your drink menu up a notch! Impress your guests with these fun additions to wine and spirits, and have a blast entertaining or making a fun dinner pairing with some loved ones!

Great for Guests and Parties!

These teas make impressing your guests easy with new ways to spice up your drinks. With our Teacanter and Perfect Tea Pitcher, we’ve also got the perfect accessories to liven up your night.

Cocktails, Mocktails, and More!

There’s no limit to the cocktail and mocktail flavor combinations you can make by adding our teas with a splash of your favourite spirits or soda and pouring over ice. Yum!

Make it your own!

Simply use our delicious tea flavors and add along wine, spirits, or soda to make a boozy fun drink for your party!

Cocktail Mixers

What are they?

These teas make impressing your guests easy with new ways to spice up your drinks. Add our teas with a splash of your favorite spirits or soda and pour over ice.

From cosmopolitans, to martinis, to daiquiris, we’ve got cocktails to suit every taste or mood!

Sangria Mixers

What are they?

Our Sangria mixers are the perfect shortcut to amazing Sangrias for your next party! Bold flavors that are great on their own OR in Sangria! Sipology’s Sangria mixers are fruit teas full of real fruit and botanicals to give the flavor and sweetness needed for easy-at-home sangrias – all you need to do is steep and add wine!

Historically, Spanish sangria consists of red wine, chopped fruit, and spirits, allowed to steep and then served chilled. Today, sangria is a choose-your-own-adventure – use white, red, or a bubbly rosé!

Our Mixer Products

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Pomegranate Martini
Pomegranate Martini
100 g (3.53 oz)

Beautiful pearls of Pomegranate make this martini shine in our all new flavour! Add in some vodka and Cointreau liqueur, or simply enjoy a Pomegranate Martini on its own!
Ingredients: Green tea, Rose hip, Hibiscus, Pomegranate arils, Raspberry pieces, Natural flavours.

Tipsy Tea Collection
Tipsy Tea Collection

Can’t decide on your favourite cocktail? Neither can we! Get them all -- and save $10 -- in our Tipsy Tea Collection featuring our favourite cocktail teas along with the Perfect Tea Pitcher!
Includes: Perfect Tea Pitcher, and choose any 3 Cocktail Mixers

Watermelon Berry
Watermelon Berry Sangria
100 g (3.53 oz)

The new Watermelon Berry Sangria mixer, features notes of summer strawberry, juicy watermelon, and a hint of hibiscus. Bright and delicious! Ingredients: Papaya pieces (papaya, cane sugar, citric acid), Mango pieces (mango, cane sugar, citric acid, sulphites), Apple pieces, Rose hip, Hibiscus, Beet root pieces, Lime leaves, Moringa leaves, Lemongrass, Strawberry pieces, Strawberry leaves, Natural flavours. Contains: Sulphites. Pairs well with Rosé, Gamay, sparkling wine, Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Moscato wines

Cranberry Rosé
Cranberry Rosé Sangria
100 g (3.53 oz)

Rosé all day with this cranberry infused fruit tea. Add your favourite still or bubbly rosé or drink on its own to have a gram-worthy rosé moment! Ingredients: Apple pieces, Currants (currants, sunflower oil), Hibiscus, Rose hip, Blueberries (blueberries, sugar, sunflower oil), Orange peel, Cranberry pieces, Natural flavours.

Juicy Blackberry
Juicy Blackberry Sangria
100 g (3.53 oz)

Which goes best with Sangria? White, Red, or Rosé? Can’t decide? Neither can we! Choose your fave to add into this Juicy Blackberry Sangria and have it your way! Ingredients: Apple pieces, Papaya pieces (papaya, cane sugar, citric acid), Mango pieces (mango, cane sugar, citric acid, sulphites), Currants (currants, sunflower oil), Blueberries (blueberries, sugar, sunflower oil), Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Blackberry pieces, Butterfly blue pea flower, Natural flavours. Contains: Sulphites.

Sangria Collection
Sangria Collection
100 g (3.53 oz)

Looking to level up your sangria? Get the Sangria Collection to satisfy all tastes with two of our favourite sangria teas, our Teacanter!
Includes: Teacanter, and two Sangria Mixers of your choice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use alcohol to use the Mixer teas?

It’s not necessary to use alcohol in our Mixer teas. Teas can be consumed on their own just by steeping, alcohol can be added with a bottle of wine or your favourite spirits, or you can add your favourite juice or soda to make a fun mocktail.

Should the teas be served hot or cold?

Our Mixer teas can be served both hot or cold, but we recommend cold if you want the full sangria, cocktail, or mocktail experience! Just steep your tea, wait for it to cool or pour over ice, and then serve along with your cocktail or sangria mix-ins!

Where can I find Cocktail, Mocktail, and Sangria recipes?

In addition to our featured recipes below (keep scrolling!), you can find a full list of Cocktail, Mocktail, and Sangria recipes here: http://recipes.sipology.com/category/cocktails


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