Bubbly and Magical Teas to get you and your kids involved in a healthy, fun, and delicious activity!

Delicious. Healthy. Magical.

Add some magic to your life and make great memories.

Let’s get back to the things that matter most in our lives – spending time with loved ones. Engage in a whimsical, healthy activity, and watch with wonderment and delight. Enjoy our Magical Teas that change color – just add lemon and watch it turn from blue to pink! Looking for a quick snack? Our Bubbly Teas are made with real fruit with a boost of fiber thanks to basil seeds that become gelatinous in water. With no additives or artificial flavors, Bubbly Teas are a great alternative to sugary snacks and drinks.

Healthy & Versatile

Our Bubbly Tea has up to 5x less sugar than traditional bubble tea! Plus the added health benefits of fiber from basil seeds.

Easy to Make

This is a snack in a cup! Just add Bubbly Tea right into your cup, no infuser required!

Great for Kids

A super fun way to give your kids a healthy beverage – no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors added. Watch our Magical Tea drinks change color right before your eyes and experience the magic.

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Magical Tea Collection

Can’t choose your favourite Magical Tea? Neither can we! Your choice of 3 Magical Fruit Teas 100 g (3.53 oz): Gummy Bear Brew, Unicorn Kisses, Pineapple Potion, Cotton Candy, Magical Early Grey, or Peachy Keen. Includes FREE Cosmic Infuser.

Bubbly Tea Collection

Are you and your kids a fan of our Bubbly Teas? Get your favorites in our Bubbly Tea Collection! Includes your choice of 2 Bubbly Teas, our NEW Bubbly Mood Cup and an Eco-Straw. Get it now and save 10%!

Bubbly Mango
100 g (3.53 oz)

What sounds better than a mango bubble tea? A mango bubble tea with under 70 calories and a ton of added fiber through our delicious basil seeds.

Bubbly Pink Lemonade
100 g (3.53 oz)

Pink Lemonade but without all of the added sugar! Enjoy a bubble tea experience with under 70 calories and with less added sugar than regular bubble tea drinks.

Pineapple Potion
100 g (3.53 oz)

Brew your own Pineapple Potion by squeezing in lemon juice into your drink and watch it change from blue to pink!

Unicorn Kisses
100 g (3.53 oz)

Be kissed by a unicorn with this raspberry tea with a hint of mint and rose, which will leave both your tastebuds and eyes in awe when you squeeze in some lemon juice and watch it change from blue to pink!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are basil seeds? Why do you use them?

Like chia seeds, basil seeds expand and become gelatinous in water. They soften within a few minutes and have many nutrients. They have a neutral flavor, are low in calories and contain lots of filling fiber! Eating foods with fibre helps you feel full, may support your gut health and help control your appetite.

Basil seeds have many health benefits. Basil seeds are a great source of minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and manganese. These are micronutrients that are good for antioxidant activity.

We also chose basil seeds for our bubbly tea because of their nutrient profile. The combination of dried fruit and basil seeds has a slight chewiness that reminds us of a healthy version of the tapioca pearls in bubble tea. Try this as a faster, cheaper, healthier option! When basil seeds are digested, they may swell to 20 times their original size, physically filling you up and satisfying your appetite. This means it can help reduce bad snacking habits, which then can aid in weight loss.

What is freeze drying and what are the benefits?

Freeze-drying is the process of removing moisture from raw, frozen products through a vacuum system and process called sublimation. The fruit is first frozen solid, then water is removed using sublimation, where ice is turned to water vapour without going through the liquid phase. Since the water is removed from the product in a frozen state, cell structure and nutritional value of the fruit remains intact. Because no heat is applied, there is no damage done to the fruit and most of the nutrition in the fruit remains. A powder is formed by finely grinding the dried fruit.

Freeze-dried fruit powders contain 100% of the original raw product. Nothing is added during the process, only water is removed, and it contains the original cell structure and nutritional value of the original fruit!

Where does the sugar come from in your Bubbly Tea?

Most of the sugar in the Bubbly Tea is naturally occurring sugar from fruit (dried fruit and freeze dried fruit powders). The only added sugar is the dusting on the dried fruit to keep it from sticking together (similar to some of our fruit teas). The calories and sugar are higher than a regular tea because you are actually eating the dried fruit and basil seeds instead of simply the brewed liquid – this is a drink and snack in one!

What is the powder in the Bubbly Tea? Is this sugar?

This is pure fruit powder – we take freeze dried fruits that are ground into a powder, with no sugar added. The only sugar is from the dusting on the dried fruit.

Our Bubbly Teas are made with all natural ingredients: High quality freeze-dried fruit, dried fruit pieces, basil seeds and natural flavors.

How do you get the bright colors for your Bubbly Tea?

Our bubbly teas are colored naturally using fruit and natural ingredients such as matcha, dragonfruit, and turmeric powder. We do not use any artificial color.

What is the Blue Pea Flower and how is it used in your Magical Teas?

The butterfly blue pea flower is a flower that is bright deep blue in color with some yellow markings. The Butterfly Blue Pea flower is becoming famous worldwide for creating vibrant blue tea when steeped. By adding lemon or other citrus to change the pH of the tea, we create a fun color change – from bright blue to pink!

What is pH?

In chemistry, pH stands for power of hydrogen, a scale used to specify how acidic or basic a water-based solution is. Acidic solutions have a lower pH, while basic solutions have a higher pH. The scale ranges from 0 to 14. Pure water is neither basic or acidic and has a pH of 7. Anything above 7 is basic and anything below 7 is acidic.

What are Anthocyanins and what are the benefits?

Anthocyanins are color pigments that you see in a variety of foods that give them their rich colors, such as berries, sweet potato, and red cabbage. Anthocyanins exhibit strong antioxidant activity which may help to prevent neuronal diseases, cardiovascular illnesses, cancer, diabetes, inflammation and many such other diseases. They are also reported to be effective in suppressing tumor growth by arresting cell growth during replication.


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