A health mega-booster, carbonated, fermented tea that’s a healthier option to soda. Let’s get brewing!

Healthy. Detoxifying. Fun.

DIY your way to better gut health for a happier, bubblier, you.

Who doesn’t want their bodies performing at their best? Kombucha packs a tasty gut punch with its natural probiotics and detoxifying properties that may reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and more. Live your healthiest life, enjoying a tasty, carbonated beverage without the added colours, preservatives, and artificial ingredients of soda.

Gut Health

A healthy dose of acidity helps detoxify the body which may improve liver function, the immune system, and gastrointestinal functions.

Fun DIY Project

Make your own at home with at a fraction of the cost We’ve got your back and will guide you through the booch process, every step of the way.

Soda Alternative

Natural carbonation that’s low-sugar, free of added chemicals, and has unlimited flavor possibilities! Who doesn’t want a healthier pop?

Our Kombucha Products

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Kombucha Black Base
75g (2.65 oz)

A Black Base tea to serve as the bold flavor starting point for your DIY Kombucha! Good for 5 batches of kombucha. Use in your first fermentation for a bold flavor. Originates from China, India and Sri Lanka. Fully oxidized tea leaves with bold flavor.

Kombucha Green Base
75g (2.65 oz)

A Green Tea base to serve as a fresh-flavored starting point for your DIY Kombucha! Good for 5 batches of kombucha. Use in your first fermentation for a light flavor. Mature leaf that has not been oxidized to retain a fresh flavor. Packed with antioxidants.

Kombucha Collection

Kombucha made easy! Get everything you need to make kombucha at home. It includes enough tea for 4 batches of kombucha. Includes: Kombucha & Party Entertainer, 4L (135 fl oz), Funnel & Strainer, Brew n’ Serve Bottles, 500 ml (17 fl oz), Kombucha Green Base, 30g (1.06oz), Kombucha Black Base, 30g (1.06oz), Kombucha Guide, Universal Kombucha Cover, and SCOBY.

SCOBY - Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast
250g (8.5 fl oz)

Great booch starts with a clean and healthy SCOBY. Sipology SCOBYs are grown in air, humidity and temperature-controlled conditions, are regularly tested for microbial contaminants, are balanced for acidity with perfect combination of yeast and bacteria, and are safe and organic certified. Microbiologically safe. Tested for: Listeria sp., Salmonella, Yeast and Mold. Alcohol Content <0.5%. pH: < 3. Made for Kombucha brewing purposes only.

Creamy Root Beer, Green Tea
2.65 oz (75 g)

Ingredients: Green tea, Sarsaparilla root, Calendula petals, Natural flavors. Contains Naturally Occurring Caffein

Peach Schnapps, Fruit Tea
3.53 oz (100 g)

Ingredients: Apple pieces, Pineapple pieces (pineapple, sugar, citric acid), Mango pieces (mango, sugar, citric acid, sulphites), Papaya pieces (papaya, sugar, citric acid), Lemongrass, Peach pieces, Safflower petals, Natural flavors. Contains: Sulphites.

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The Kombucha Starter Collection

First 4 batches included!

Kombucha made easy!


  • Kombucha & Party Entertainer,
  • Universal Kombucha Cover
  • Kombucha Green Base,
  • Kombucha Black Base,
  • Kombucha Guide
  • Organic SCOBY

Kombucha is:

  • Fizzy. low sugar alternative to soda
  • Rich in probiotics
  • Safe & Easy to make with this collection!

Improved gut health. Weight loss. Improved immune system.

Kombucha has many health benefits. Here is just a short list!

  • Kombucha consumption has been associated with the reduction of cholesterol levels and blood pressure, the improvement of liver function, the immune system, and gastrointestinal functions.
  • Kombucha is full of probiotics. Research shows probiotic bacteria have been found to help with diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and other digestive diseases as it has a positive effect on the gut microbiota.
  • Kombucha has antioxidant properties that neutralize and dispose of toxic free radicals produced by the body as a waste product of metabolism.

Kombucha At Home in 5 Easy Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea (either black or green tea) that comes in many flavors with or without effervescence. It consists of two parts: the fermented “base” which tastes similar to tart sparkling apple cider that can be flavored, and the floating “SCOBY”, Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.

Kombucha is a fizzy, low-sugar alternative to soda, is rich in probiotics for a healthy gut, and is safe, easy, and fun to make!

What is a SCOBY and why does sugar need to be added to kombucha?

Kombucha starts with a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, otherwise known as a SCOBY. SCOBYs are alive and the healthy bacteria work to ferment the tea! Sugar is always added to kombucha to make sure that the SCOBY has something to eat.

How do you store and take care of your SCOBY?

You should remove your SCOBY from its packaging and place it in a glass jar as soon as you can. Make sure to put at least ½ cup of starter fluid into the jar as well. Your SCOBY keeps growing at room temperature, so if you can’t start your brew in the next month or so, keep your SCOBY in the fridge. Keep in mind this puts your SCOBY into a sort of hibernating state. To wake it up for use, keep your SCOBY at room temperature for a week before brewing.

You can rehydrate your SCOBY by adding one cup of cooled brewed Kombucha Black Base or Kombucha Green Base with 2 teaspoons of sugar. This feeds your SCOBY. Make sure everything you add to your SCOBY jar is always at room temperature.

My SCOBY is discolored, is this normal?

Yes, some discoloration is normal due to the healthy yeast activity of your SCOBY. No need to worry, this is actually good! However, fuzzy discolored growth on your SCOBY can indicate mold and it is recommended to discard this SCOBY.

Can I kill my SCOBY?

SCOBYs are very robust, but high temperatures or leaving them in the fridge too long without rehydration can kill them. However, by cleaning and feeding your SCOBY regularly, they can last a long time without dying. It is important to keep a clean environment for your SCOBY to prevent contamination with bad bacteria. Always wash your hands and sterilize any utensils and jars when making kombucha.

What temperature should my kombucha be when brewing?

When starting your kombucha, your temperature should be between 20°C and 30°C for ideal growth. A colder environment will slow down the fermentation and a warmer environment will cause faster fermentation. This is why it is important to taste your kombucha at each stage so you can learn how your particular environment affects your kombucha.

There’s a layer on top of my kombucha during the first fermentation, is this normal?

A jelly-like membrane can form on the surface of your kombucha when fermenting. This is a byproduct the bacteria form due to fermentation, and it allows bacteria to stick to it. By being able to stick to it, the bacteria are exposed to air and can breathe, allowing for them to ferment your kombucha. It is normal and is a sign that your SCOBY is doing its job!

Is it expensive to make my own kombucha?

A case of kombucha costs around $50-60, but you only get 12 or 24 bottles. A single bottle from the grocery store can cost upwards of $4-5.

With our Kombucha Collection, you can make several batches of Kombucha so as long as you keep your SCOBY healthy, you can make it any time in any quantity. By making kombucha at home, you also get to make your own custom flavors and control the sweetness.

I’m not sure I’m going to like the taste of kombucha. Can I change the flavor of my drink?

Don’t love the classic taste of kombucha? That’s okay! Flavoring your tea during a second fermentation is easy. Once you’ve completed the first part, you can add a second tea of your choice directly into your kombucha.

Here are our top Sipology teas used to flavor Kombucha in your second fermentation:

Peachy Keen – Magical Fruit Tea

Gummy Bear Brew – Magical Fruit Tea

Peach Schnapps – Fruit Tea

Pineapple Rum Cocktail – Green Tea

Hot Yoga – Herbal Tea

Creamy Root Beer – Green Tea

Pink Dragon – Fruit Tea

Berry Mania – Fruit Tea

Italian Orange Soda – Fruit Tea

Can I get sick from kombucha?

It is highly unlikely that you can get sick from properly made kombucha. Harmful bacterial cells are mostly killed in the process of making kombucha. As the drink ferments, the drink becomes more acidic which is toxic to any harmful bacteria that may be present. Cleanliness is extremely important to keep harmful bacteria out of your brew.

Does kombucha contain alcohol?

The brew contains less than 0.5% alcohol. It may increase with longer fermentations but, generally speaking, kombucha contains only trace amounts of alcohol.

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