Steep the perfect cup of tea every time with our collection of loose leaf teas for every flavor craving.

Clean. Ethical. Exclusive

Do good for the world while feeling your best.

When you put clean, fresh ingredients into your body that were sourced ethically, there’s a feeling that you’re doing good for your body and for the world. We have over 80 premium loose leaf teas to satisfy even the most specific craving. Sip at home or on-the-go, we’ve got tea for that!

Fresh, Clean Ingredients

With only natural, and easy-to-pronounce ingredients, you can be sure that there are no preservatives, additives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors in our tea, making sure you’re only putting the freshest and cleanest of ingredients in your body.

Exclusive Possibili-teas

No two days are the same, so why should your teas be? Craving a Buttercream Carrot Cake or a Cinnamon Bun? We’ve got you covered (and without the added calories)! Want to sip back and relax? We’ve got teas for that too! No matter your mood or your craving we’ve got the perfect tea to get your day on track!


We’re a proud member of the Ethical Tea Partnership. We strive to improve sustainability of tea and the environment, improve the lives of tea workers and tea farmers, and improve environmental management systems to protect soil, water ecosystems, and wildlife

Our Loose Leaf Teas

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White Tea

White tea leaves are harvested right before opening. A delicate tea with light and fruity notes. Low caffeine.White tea leaves are harvested right before opening. A delicate tea with light and fruity notes. Low caffeine.

Our Favorites

White Winterberry
La La Lavender
Cherry Pom Pom
Strawberry Cream Float
Pink Grapefruit
Peaches and Cream

Green Tea

Mature tea leaf that has not been oxidized to retain fresh flavor. Ranges from sweet to smoky. Medium caffeine.

Our Favorites

Sugar Plums & Cinnamon
Pomegranate Martini
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie
Caramel Apple Crisp

Black Tea

Originates from China, India, and Sri Lanka. Fully oxidized tea leaves with bold flavor. High caffeine.

Our Favorites

Cozy Pumpkin Swirl Chai
Blood Orange Biscotti
Butterscotch Chai
Turmeric ‘N Spice
Cranberries & Cream Fudge
Sugar Plum Dream

Oolong Tea

Partially oxidized. Unique in appearance, color and aroma. Smooth and luxurious taste, with floral or nutty notes. Medium caffeine.

Our Favorites

Lemon Gelato
Holiday Macchiato
Spicy Chai
Toasted S’mores
Cinnamon Hearts
French Chocolate

Pu’erh Tea

Fermented, oxidized and aged. Red toned tea with earthy flavors, our boldest teas. High caffeine

Our Favorites

Toffee Caramel
White Chocolate Macaroon

Fruit Tea

Made with natural fruit ingredients for the perfect caffeine-free beverage. Naturally caffeine-free.

Our Favorites

Buttercream Carrot Cake
Pumpkin Banana Bread
Raspberry Cream Soda
Juicy Blackberry Sangria
Cranberry Rosé Sangria
Winter Sangria

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos translates to “red bush”! Made using leaves from a shrub called Aspalathus linearis, this tea is oxidized and fermented giving it a dark red color and rich flavor. This South African tea is smooth and sweet. Naturally caffeine-free

Our Favorites

Apple Cinnamon Donut
Pumpkin Pie
Caramel Cream
Maple Cinnamon Waffles
Vanilla Cupcake
Cinnamon Bun

Herbal Tea

Our herbal teas, also known as tisanes, are made with real herbs, fruits and spices. Naturally caffeine-free.

Our Favorites

Peppy Peppermint
Lemon Ginger Tea-Tox
Stress Reliever
Dark Chocolate Chai
Don’t Worry Be Happy
Immunity Booster

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Steeping your tea when brewing your perfect cup is really an important process and considered by many to be an art!

To steep something means to soak it, which is what we do when we prepare tea. Steeping is the process of extracting the flavor and health-promoting compounds from the solids used to make tea.

It is up to you to decide how strong you like your tea and how much you want in your cup, however, we recommend steeping each of our loose leaf teas for a different amount of time, as seen in the diagram on the right, for the perfect cup of tea, every time.

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