Naturally Sweet Teas


Refreshing, naturally sweet teas in a number of flavor combinations, without the guilt of added sugar.

Sweet. Easy. Guilt-free. Refreshing.

The perfect combination for a perfectly sweet life.

Our list of to-dos can pile up until they’re sky high and life can be overwhelming, but why does it have to be? Sometimes we just need to hit that reset button so that life can be sweet and easy, just like our naturally sweet teas. Treat yourself each day to a refreshing cup of iced tea with only 0-5 calories per serving to enjoy a perfectly sweet life without the added sugar.

Low Calorie & No Sugar Added

Refreshing and sweet without the guilt! No sugar added teas using natural Stevia leaf for a guilt-free experience at only 0-5 calories per cup.

Easy Iced Tea

Get the perfect sweet cup of iced tea every time with our Breazy and Infusion Jug. You’ll never need to buy iced tea again!

Satisfy your cravings

Unbeatable flavors to match teas from around the world. Perfectly curated for a cool, refreshing drink.

Naturally Sweet Teas

What are they?

Refreshing Naturally Sweet Teas are perfect for all natural, no-guilt iced tea made in minutes.
Only 5 calories or less per serving
Contains 0 g added sugar
Sweetened naturally with pure stevia leaf

Keep scrolling below to read about stevia leaf. It’s much sweeter than sugar! This allows us to use a very small amount to add sweetness without adding calories.

Our Naturally Sweet Tea Products

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Vanilla Earl Grey
Naturally Sweet Vanilla Earl Grey
2.65 oz (75 g)

If you’ve been Oolong-ing for a sweet version of a classic Earl Grey, here it is! Infused with real pieces of Vanilla bean, take a sip of this delicious Naturally Sweet Vanilla Earl Grey to melt all of your troubles away!
Ingredients: Oolong tea, Stevia leaf, Calendula petals, Vanilla bean, Natural flavors.

Strawberry Limeade
2.65 oz (75 g)

If you haven’t had naturally sweet strawberry limeade ice tea, you’re missing out! The perfect boost to your day as part of our new line of refreshing Naturally Sweet Teas.
Ingredients: Apple pieces, Rose hips, Hibiscus flowers,
Stevia leaf, Lime leaves, Orange peels, Strawberry pieces,
Lime slices, Lemongrass, Grapefruit peel, Natural flavor.

Naturally Sweet Raspberry
2.65 oz (75 g)

Refreshing. Sweet. Easy. Make the perfect glass of naturally sweet raspberry iced tea in just the matter of minutes. Only 5 calories per serving!
Ingredients: Black tea, Stevia leaf, Raspberry pieces, Calendula petals, Natural flavor.

Naturally Sweet Peach
2.65 oz (75 g)

Naturally sweet and low calorie for the perfect guilt free cup of Sweet Peach iced tea.
Ingredients: Black tea, Stevia leaf, Peach pieces, Calendula petals, Natural flavor.

Naturally Sweet Collection

Try them all and save in this deliciously sweet bundle of our brand-new line of refreshing Naturally Sweet Teas. They’re perfect for no-guilt iced tea made in minutes!
Includes: Prism Tea Pot and your choice of three Naturally Sweet Teas.

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We sweeten our Naturally Sweet Teas with the stevia plant. Also known as “sweet leaf” or “sweet herb”, stevia has zero calories and no impact on blood glucose levels.

Stevia rebaudiana, the variety we use at Sipology, is the sweetest variety and most commonly grown as a natural sweetener. Stevia leaf is much sweeter than cane sugar (about 30x sweeter!) so little amounts of it can be used instead of large amounts of sugar, and it’s safe to consume for people of all ages. We use stevia leaf in our Naturally Sweet Teas and stevia extract in our Matchas and Hot Chocolates.

Stevia is safe for diabetics and has a low glycemic index and it does not have the neurological or renal side effects like some artificial sweeteners. That’s delicious Naturally Sweet Tea without any added sugar.

Meet your perfect match!

Sweet tea is great served on ice because of the mild sweetness. Amazing on its own, or easily mix with sodas or fruit juices to make mocktails and punches or add liquor for a spiked cold tea!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of Naturally Sweet Teas?

Naturally Sweet Teas are the perfect choice for a refreshing iced tea. You can get the nutritional benefits of tea leaves, the refreshing beverage you’re craving, but no added sugar or guilt or a high-calorie drink. Commercial iced teas contain 80 calories and over 20 grams of sugar per cup (250 mL), while our Naturally Sweet Teas give you the same delicious flavor, but with only 0-5 calories per glass and no added sugar.

How do I make the perfect Iced Tea?

Our Breazy and Iced Tea Infusion Jug make Iced Tea a breeze.

For the Breazy:

  1. Pour water into Breazy and add tea (enough for 2 cups)
  2. Steep according to tea label instructions.
  3. Fill two cups with ice. Set your Breazy on top of your cup, one at a time, and the water will release out of the bottom. Enjoy!

For the Iced Tea Infusion Jug:

  1. Remove infuser and fill jug ⅓ full with cold or hot water.
  2. Add 1-2 Pot of Steeped Tea spoons to the infuser and place infuser back into the jug.
  3. Steep according to tea label instructions and remove tea from infuser.
  4. Fill remainder of jug with cold water and chill in refrigerator. Enjoy!

How are the Naturally Sweet Teas sweet if there is no sugar?

Our Naturally sweet teas are sweetened with actual stevia leaves, for a low calorie sweet boost that is safe for all ages. Since there is no sugar added, these teas have a low glycemic index and are safe for diabetics.

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