Become a Sipologist
Become A Sipologist

Build your brand and earn up to 40% while working from anywhere, selling premium products!

Become a Sipologist
Become A Sipologist

Build your brand and earn up to 40% while working from anywhere, selling premium products!

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Connect. Party. Earn.

Build your business and reap the benefits.

Gone are the days of a 9-5 office job. That’s not you anyways. You hustle. You provide. You get the job done. And on your own terms. When you become a Sipologist, you’re the owner of your own brand, your own lifestyle, and your own future. Join us today to party your way to the future you’ve always dreamed of.

Uplifting Community & Training

Tea Bars, Kombucha classes; we show you how to be successful online or in-person with a community that loves to cheer you on and recognize your success.

Awesome Products

Premium, consumable products that pretty much sell themselves! Be the face of the brand and cash in while enjoying our delicious, healthy, affordable products.


Earn 25 – 40% commissions on sales, full-time, part-time, face-to-face, or online! You can also be rewarded by jetsetting on our latest R&R trips!

Earn exclusive rewards… and even a trip!

We support you right away with the training and know-how to grow your Sipology business with our Success Start program. You can also earn a ton of cool swag along the way! Work hard and you can earn a world class vacation with your fellow Sipologists. This year we’re headed to The Westin Playa Bonita Panama!

Hear What Our Sipologists Have to Say

Jen, Senior Group Leader

"Sipology is my full-time career"

I joined Sipology in hopes of having a little online business and earning
some extra spending cash. Surprise! My ‘little biz’ has turned into something big!! I wouldn’t trade this communiTEA and the free trips for anything!

Jennifer, Senior Sipologist

"I have a true sense of belonging"

have connected with so many new people that share similar goals and
values, both customers and Sipologists. I feel that I’m not just another
consultant, but I am an extension of Sipology and all it stands for.

Ashley, Group Director

"I have become a beautiful new version of myself"

The first move I made with my husband in the military, I was pregnant
and really only had being a mom on my mind. When I found Sipology, it not only filled that void, it became something even BIGGER! Something I really love!

Mandy, Group Leader

"I’ve found a mission through Sipology"

I’m a type 2 diabetic and have used the products to reduce my addiction
to diet soda and sugary drinks. Now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with
others who are looking for blood sugar-friendly options! I feel like I’m
making a difference!

Trisha, Senior Group Leader

"Sipology products are essential to my daily wellbeing"

Over the last 3 years, I have watched my daughter struggle with serious health issues, and it has become apparent I need to be healthy so I can be my best for her. We spend a lot of time in and out of a children’s hospital so being able to work from literally anywhere and have the
flexibility… you can’t put a price tag on that.

Laural, Group Leader

"Everyone is treated like an equal"

This communiTEA is like none other I have ever seen. Competition has
no place here! Watching my team members have success has inspired me and helped me to see I can do this too. Sipology has helped me grow as a person, step out of my comfort zones, and walk into places I never thought possible.

Business in a Box



  • 3 months subscription to Online Business Services**
  • Personal website to share products
  • Virtual Office Tools
  • Training for Success
  • Access to our CommuniTEA Groups
  • Add On Collections available

Value: $40+


Business Builder Starter Kit


  • Exclusive Tea Chest Collection with 24 of our best-selling teas
  • Products to launch your Sipology business
  • Everything in the Digital Kit

Value: $300+


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sipologist?

It’s your opportunity to be your own boss! As an Independent Sipologist with Sipology, you will represent our line of tea, teaware, kombucha, matcha and Natural Health oils and teas – selling through pop up tea bars and online. At your schedule, at your convenience, in your own way.

How many hours do I have to work?

You have the flexibility to choose how much time you want to invest in your business. You decide, from the start, when you’re available to share Sipology by holding tea bars, parties and online selling. By scheduling time for your business, you can reach whatever goals you have set for yourself!

Will I receive training and support?

Absolutely! In addition to support and training provided to you by the Sipology Home Office, your Sipology Group Leader will be by your side to ensure you move forward using the necessary tools. Their step-by-step guidance and Sipology business experience will help you make the most out of your new adventure.

Are there monthly minimums?

Your Sipology business is designed to work around your schedule and your personal goals; you set your pace depending on what income you would like to earn. To remain an Active Consultant, you will submit $500 in sales over a 3 month period.

How much will I get paid?

With Sipology, you have the ability to write your own paycheck! You can earn income of 25%-40% commission on your personal sales. The rewards you reap are completely up to you! And you can run your business full-time, part-time, face-to-face, or purely online.

How do I promote my business?

Tell everyone what you’re doing and why you’re excited! Carry catalogs with you – be ready to share one all the time. Share your favourite teas and products with friends and coworkers. Always ask for referrals. Build your presence online. Social media can be a wonderful tool to grow your brand and sell to your audience. Visit your Virtual Office or Success Start Guide for more tips.

Is it possible for me to run my business virtually?

Absolutely! It’s not necessary to host in-person tea parties. You can host your events online through a video platform, and you can sell directly through email and social media. We’ll give you the tools to get started, and you choose how to best grow your business. All of your trips, products, swag, and commissions can be earned directly from your home (or in the car, or on a beach somewhere)!

How can I get started?

Click our Join Now button below! Get your Starter Kit, choose your Add-Ons and fill out our sign-up form and you’ll be on your way to running your own business and earning as much as you want!

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Join our team of Sipologists today! When you become a Sipologist, you’re the owner of your own brand, your own lifestyle, and your own future. Join us today to party your way to the future you’ve always dreamed of.