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Become your best self with SIPOLOGY!

Experience our premium product lines and income opportunity.

Whether you’re looking to shop, earn extra income, or change your life in every way… you belong at Sipology.

Discover our Product Lines

Holiday Exclusives Arrive October 1st
24 Steeps Exclusive Tea Collection | Snow Globe Collection | Holiday Collection

Heal-Thy Self

Natural Health Products, for a healthier, happier, more balanced, you.


Finely ground powder made exclusively from green tea leaves – no artificial flavors, artificial colors, harmful preservatives, irradiated ingredients, or MSG.

Lattes & Chai Teas

Start your day off right with our line of lattes, spiced chai teas and hot chocolates.

Naturally Sweet Teas

Refreshing, naturally sweet teas in a number of flavor combinations, without the guilt of added sugar.

Loose Leaf Tea

Steep the perfect cup of tea every time with our collection of loose leaf teas for every flavor craving.

Cosmic Fusions

Bubbly and Magical Teas to get you and your kids involved in a healthy, fun, and delicious activity!


Cocktail and Sangria teas, great for guests and parties!


A health mega-booster, carbonated, fermented tea that’s a healthier option to soda. Let’s get brewing!

Let’s Get Started!

Become a Sipologist

Build your brand and earn up to 40% while working from anywhere, selling consumable, premium products!

Host an Event

Host a ParTea to have a blast with family and friends while earning rewards in the process!

View Our Catalog

Flip through the current Sipology catalog for the latest teas, teaware and natural health products!

It all started with a cup of tea.


I’m Tonia Jahshan, Founder and President at Sipology by Steeped Tea!

This company is proof that a single cup of tea can change your life.