Ghostly and ghoulish delights await this haunting Halloween. Don’t be frightened, Steeped Tea is here to help with a trembling parTEA. Your Party guests and Hosts will remember a magical and mischievous night.

Here’s how to begin:

1) Send the perfect invitation. Use these social media squares to promote your party!

2) Don’t forget to decorate – place tea lights or fake candles in several Bubble Cups and put them on a Halloween table runner. Tape ghost and jack-o-lantern faces on the Tea Lover’s Teacups, these will really spook your guests.

3) Serve everything pumpkin! Chocolate Pumpkin Chai, black tea, Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip Mix, Pumpkin Spice Scone Mix or Pumpkin Spice Shortbread, as well as Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

4) Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite green monsters – Frankenstein, The Wicked Witch, or maybe Poison Ivy – and then serve only green items like matcha and other green teas. We recommend Tonia’s Pumpkin Matcha, Lemonatcha and Cinnamon Stick, green tea. You can even give Lemonatcha and Cinnamon Stick nicknames just for party and call them ‘Witch’s Brew’ and ‘Broomstick.’

5) Just carved a pumpkin for the celebration? Use the extra pumpkin seeds to make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with Smoky Apple Bacon Rub.

6) Make Jack-o-Lantern Cheese Ball Pops using the Vanilla Cookie Cheeseball Mix. This simple recipe can be used for a children’s Halloween tea party. They are also the perfect party favor.

7) Serve Sinister Cider or Swamp Slush to the adults. Only those brave enough to sip these festively frightening drinks will love the spine-chilling sips.

8) Try this Spooky Bat Cheeseball recipe. Any Cheeseball will work for this easy treat.

9) Sugar Shaker Marshmallows are yummy and incredibly simple to make! Place a stick into the centre of each marshmallow to make a lollipop. Quickly dip marshmallow in water. Shake Warm Vanilla Sugar Shaker over each marshmallow until they’re covered completely. Give them a Halloween twist by adding a ghost face using black icing.

10) Sprinkle matcha over hot-buttery popcorn, let cool and place in a clear surgical glove. Tie with a black or orange ribbon. Your guests will love getting the trembling treat at their place setting

11) Finally, make a pumpkin veggie tray. Place baby carrots on a round serving tray. Use cucumbers or zucchini to make a startling smile, Smoky Ranch Dip Mix to create eyes and a nose, and broccoli to create the pumpkin’s stump at the top of the tray.

These bone-chilling ideas will haunt you for an oolong time.


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