Happy Earth Day from Steeped Tea!

Besides drinking or cooking with it, there are many great ways to reuse your tea leaves after steeping.  Tea can be used to help you de-stress, deodorize, clean, decorate, and also grow your plants! In celebration of Earth Day, here are more ways to reuse your tea leaves:

1) Deodorize using your favorite scented tea leaves: You can put your loose leaf tea in Steeping Sacks  and store them anywhere you wish to eliminate odor. Place them in your refrigerator, closet, gym bag, shoes or dirty laundry hamper! You can even sprinkle them into your cat’s litter box. Tonia’s personal favorite is to hang the Lemolicious on her car’s rear-view mirror.

2) Clean your wood furniture and floors: This may sound counter-intuitive but tea is actually great for making wood shine. For lighter wood, be sure to use white or green tea and for darker wood, use oolong or black tea. Do this by moistening a soft rag with a small amount of strong-brewed tea at room temperature and gently rub into the furniture or hardwood. Do a test patch first!

3) Clean your bathroom: For toilets, toss a few of your loose leaf tea Steeping Sacks  into the toilet and let them steep for up to two hours. Remove and discard them before you scrub the toilet with a brush and flush.

4) Decorate with old tea leaves before you toss them: Sprinkle tea leaves in a small glass votive and place a tealight candle inside. This is perfect for a dinner table and of course tea parties! Another fun trick is to place colorful tea leaves in a clear vase before filling it with water and flowers. This will not only color the water but will cause your tea leaves to expand.

5) Give your plants some extra love: We know that tea is full of nutrients so why not share the benefits with your garden or house plants? Due to its high acidity and high absorbency, tea leaves are a great way to water and feed plants. Place a handful of dried, steeped leaves or Steeping Sacks  in the bottom layer of your plant’s pot. The tea will absorb the extra water and help to slowly release it back into the plant. You can even pour in cool, unused tea to water your plants. This compost is fantastic for your vegetable garden too!

Try these alternative, earth friendly uses for tea today.

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