Movie buffs and entertainment fans are watching the red carpet and high-profile Hollywood stars. It’s award season and we’re tallying our votes for this season’s hottest flicks. Since we’re tea lovers too, we’re turning awards night into a Hollywood High Tea. You can too with these simple tips.

Set the scene (see what we did there ;))

Send out Hollywood High Tea invitations, ask the guests to dress up in their glitz and glam (optional of course) or come in their comfiest TV-viewing attire. We like these invites from punchbowl.

Lights, camera, action

Set up a ‘tea bar’ for guests to sample star-studded teas throughout the night. We recommend these teas to fit the theme of the ParTea: Buttered Popcorn, green tea (Code 4472), Cosmopolitan, fruit tea (Code 3102), or Vanilla Cupcake, rooibos tea (Code 2232.  If a movie like La La Land is your favorite frontrunner, serve Jazzy Jasmine, green tea (Code 4072). Pair teas that match your favorite movies!
These recipes also fit the evening’s theme: Blueberry Thyme Champagne or a Sangria.

For award winning snacks, serve up these:

Spicy Matcha Popcorn. Simply drizzle melted butter over popcorn and then sprinkle matcha green tea and cayenne pepper to taste.

Lemon Dill Scones (Code 14206). From bowl to bite in under 30 minutes, bake these fresh scones with our easy-to-make scone mix. The Lemon Dill Scones will pair perfectly with this savory evening.

Every party needs a cheeseball! This Hollywood High Tea won’t be complete without a S’mores Cheeseball (Code 12032). Serve it with graham crackers for dipping or make your own s’mores: spread cheeseball between two graham crackers with a piece of favorite chocolate bar.

Extra credits

If there’s time in your party preparation, add a few extra touches for a more-than-memorable gathering.

Decorate with red and gold. Cut out stars or polka dots and place them on the wall or on a table as a table runner.

Create a dazzling photo booth. Make Hollywood theme photo props: cut out paper stars, popcorn, glasses, movie reels, and a movie clapperboard. Tape to craft sticks and let your personal paparazzi snap away!

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