POP! SPLASH! BOOM! Let tea be the super hero of your children’s next birthday party. With this idea for a comic book theme, the kids will have a blast playing dress up and sharing tea with their friends.

Theme & Decor

1) Decorate with bright yellow, blue, and red napkins, steamers and table cloths.
2) Ask each guest to come dressed as their favorite comic book or super hero.
3) Give comic books and the Tea Cookie and Canape Cutters (Product Code 9210) as party favors or game prizes.

Teas to Serve
Our Fruit Teas are naturally caffeine free and perfect for kids!

1) Vanilla Pop, Fruit Tea: swirls of fruit and cream combine in your cup. Perfect for this parTEA theme!
2) Magical Mango, Fruit Tea: just like super hero powers, this tea’s fresh, fruity, tangy, and sweet blend is magically sublime.
3) Wild Tropical Punch, Fruit Tea: make the great escape into your character’s adventure with this mix of pineapple, mango and papaya.


1)  Try our 3-step Tea Spritzer recipe. Add sparkling water to any of our fruit teas for a fizzy treat.
2) Use the Morning Glory Dessert Cups (Product Code 9235) to bake up some Confetti Cupcakes (Product Code 14007). Sprinkle the cupcakes with the Raspberry Sparkler Sugar Shaker (Product Code 15020). These are sure to go out with a BANG!
3)  Make Vanilla Cookie Cheeseball Pops. For the added touch, attach paper capes to each pop.
4)  Serve up Iced Tea Pops. They are a perfectly refreshing summer treat.
5) Infuse Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Honeydew melon in Berry Mania, fruit tea for a healthy snack. Try the recipe here.

With this winning parTEA theme, it is sure to go off with a ZING, SHIZAM, and a POW! In fact, we’ve even got some FREE printables below! Print them on cardstock, cut them out and affix to popsicle sticks for fun photo ops.


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