Dreaming of Hawaii? Bring a piece of the pineapple state to your tea parties this summer and Host a Pineapple ParTEA! Your guests will love basking in the sunshine with Pineapple Orange Cooler Iced Tea Pops in hand. Here are our tips for the perfect Pineapple Party!

Theme & Decor
1) Ask your guests to come dressed in their best green and yellow!

2) Decorate using yellow and green napkins from your local store.

3) Serve your tea in our Lime Ruba Teapot and Lime Gemstone Collection cups.

Teas to Serve
1) Pineapple Orange Cooler, Fruit Tea: pineapple and orange are this summer’s hottest cocktail blend.

2) Pineapple Punch Matcha: this premium matcha is sure to turn your Pineapple Party up a notch!

3) Sweet Pineapple Sencha, Green Tea: pineapple pieces sweeten this classic Sencha. Stock up on this one before it heads back to the Steeped Tea vault.


1) Make a Pineapple Punch Matcha fruit dip mix ½ teaspoon of Pineapple Punch Matcha with your choice of Greek yogurt. Scoop out a pineapple and serve the Pineapple Punch Matcha fruit dip inside.

2) Create  Pineapple Orange Cooler iced tea pops for the kids. Check out our easy Iced Tea Pop Recipe here.

3) Cold steep any of the suggested teas or make Pineapple Orange Cooler Slush or Pineapple Orange Mimosas for the adults. These recipes are a backyard hit!

4) Turn your Pineapple Party into a full BBQ and top fish, chicken, or pork chops with our Hawaiian Chipotle Topper before they hit the grill. Mmm so good!

5) Wrap pineapple chunks in bacon and sprinkle with the Smoky Maple Vinaigrette Mix. Throw these on the grill. There is nothing more delicious and Hawaiian than grilled pineapple.

All this talk of pineapple has us thinking of the sand and surf in Hawaii! This Pineapple Party can’t start any sooner!

What other fruits can you use to theme a parTEA? Let us know on our Facebook Page!