Break out the Lederhosen, it’s time for an Oktoberfest party! We’re here with some tips to give your gathering a total tea revamp, perfect for your upcoming fall Tea Bars! 

Get your beer stein on deck and let’s get into it…

1. Décor

First things first – décor! For an Oktoberfest bash, you’ll want to deck out your venue with the classic blue and white diamond pattern that is found in traditional Oktoberfest celebrations - this represents the Bavarian flag. Try adding in a little autumn foliage around your Tea Bar set up to give your party a festive fall vibe. 

2. Sips

And now…the most important part of any Oktoberfest celebration – the libations! Oktoberfest is first, and foremost, a beer festival, so feel free to offer up a selection of beers accompanied with a variety of teas that they can steep in them for customizable sips. We recommend trying Winter Sangria, Fruit Tea (3072CA/3072US) or Earl Grey De La Crème, Black Tea (1017CA/1017US) steeped in a light lager using our Steeping Sacks (9142)! 

For all those DDs (designated drivers AKA the real MVPs) serve up a couple flavors of kombucha, so that they can get the same fizzy experience without the alcohol. The Kombucha Collection (19399CA/19399US) has everything you need to get started on your fizzy, fermented journey! 

3. Snacks

Any good party is bound to have some tasty snacks. Welcome your guests with a charcuterie board full of an assortment of meats and cheeses (don’t forget the sausages!). For an easy cheeseball, mix some of our Garlic Chili Seasoning (12024CA/12024US) with cream cheese and voila! 

For a classic Oktoberfest appetizer try serving up some pretzels! Whether there’s a bowl full of small pretzels or a platter of fluffy, soft pretzels – they make the perfect snack. Offer a variety of dips, such as honey mustard, cheese sauce, or try mixing 4 tablespoons of yellow mustard with 1 ½ teaspoons of our Ol’ SmokTea Seasoning (12022CA/12022US) for a smoky, savory kick! 

Ready to shout, “Prost!” with your friends and fam? Click here to book a rockin’ Oktoberfest Tea Bar! 


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