Summer is finally here! The kids are out of school, ready to play outside and begging you to take them to the pool. With the summer heat upon us, you need to make sure to give your kiddos some tasty drink options to stay hydrated.

As a parent trying to keep your kids healthy, there are few options when soda, fruit juices and fruit punch are packed full of sugar and ingredients we can’t even pronounce.   Steeped Tea has a great variety of fruit teas we know you and your kids will love. Packed full of real, natural ingredients you can see, taste and pronounce!

Our fruit teas are caffeine, nut and gluten free without the extra sugar. Some favorites include Berry Mania, Kiwi-Melon Crush, Sami Sweetheart and Jenna Cherry Jubilee just to name a few. Not only do these make great iced teas but wonderful ice pops too! Check out some of our ice pop recipes below:

Banana Mango Lemolicious Ice Pops:



Lemolicious fruit tea shines through in this easy 4-ingredient ice pop recipe.  Try mixing in chopped banana and mango to start and then choose other favorite fruits to freeze into this yogurt-y ice pop treat. Click here for the recipe!

Iced Tea Pops:


Make your own ice pops that are made with the goodness of tea. Choose any two of your favorite fruit teas and pour them together in an ice pop maker for a cool summer indulgence. Blending teas together is fun experiment! We recommend trying Sunrise Strawberry with Banana Banana. Yum!Click here for this easy step recipe.

Host a Moms and Tots tea Party this summer and serve up these refreshing ice pops! Introduce your kids to the healthy and sweet world of tea. They’ll thank you after a long day outside, playing at the pool.

What two teas would you blend for an ice pop creation? Tell us on our Facebook Page!