USA Sipologist, Colleen, has been rising to the top of the ranks and is currently a Group Leader with Sipology. Not only does she have her tea business, but she balances her family life and day job, as well. We absolutely had to catch up with her to find out HOW SHE DOES IT!

Why did you join Sipology by Steeped Tea?

I joined Sipology when my son was about six months old. I needed something just for me as I felt lost. I didn't have a tribe of women and I desperately needed it.

How has your business changed since joining two years ago?

If someone told me two years ago that I would be leading a growing team, I would have told them they were crazy! In the last year alone I've been invited as an up and comer to Leadership Training and to be a speaker at our National Conference. These are huge accomplishments and I am extremely proud of them and how far this business has taken me. I look forward to the future!

How has Sipology changed your life?

I found my tribe!

You have reached Group Leader. What are your next goals?

Group Director and a trip to Atlantis Bahamas!

What would you tell other people considering this opportuniTEA?

Nothing extraordinary comes from living in your comfort zone. Take those baby steps and get out of that zone, and you will go very far!

What's your favorite tea concoction?

I am loving the simplicity of chilled Cinnamon Chai over ice with Bailey's Irish Cream. Something about it makes me so happy!

How would your friends/team describe your tea party style in one word?