Debb Pitel recently started her Sipology business and we’re so happy she did! In her first 90 days, she has been on fire! Already reaching Senior Group Leader and qualifying for a $500 cash bonus in her first days in business, we just couldn’t wait to catch up with her. Read on for highlights from Debb’s first days as a Sipologist:


Why did you join Steeped Tea?

Why Steeped Tea? Two words: consumable and trending.  I did my homework. I found out about the company first, the brand I was representing to make sure it was a good fit, something I would be proud to be a part of. Next the business opportunity; there is so much room for growth!

Tell us some highlights from your first 90 days in your business.

I knew I wanted to be a Leader. I knew to be respected by the team I wanted to build I had to do it first or they would never try. I had to walk the walk and be a great Consultant first. I have had previous experience but had never tried tea. I received the same kit, the same 90 days and I’m sure had just as many “No’s” as everyone else. The advantage I had was knowing if I worked hard for the first 30 days, it would be great for the next 90 days! I have learned from the best of the best and just needed to plan and stick to it.

I built a team consistently, sponsoring three in February then three In March and one in April. My team also started to sponsor quickly, and we grew to 11! I had 12 bookings in the Booking Rally and even though I didn’t win the Rally bonus, I was successful! I bonused in March and April, hit all levels of the Success Start and promoted to Group Leader and earned the $500 cash award. I’m so excited and grateful!!


What are your next goals for your business?

I am focusing on one in the same, business as usual! Book, Sell, Sponsor. I have my eyes set on Director in June. I have a great team, all working at their own pace and two looking to reach leadership. I will be partnering with them every step of the way!


What’s your tea bar style?

Simple, duplicate and fun! Carry your kit, your monthly specials and nothing else!


Want to be a Sipologist? Ask us how!