Jacqueline Perr is a positive light, bringing a bright energy and smile to her business that is infectious! After speaking on mainstage at our Nashville Conference in July, we just had to follow-up with her and get all the details about her personal business! Read on to learn more about Jacqueline and what her next business goals are:


Why did you join Steeped Tea?
I joined Steeped Tea because I was inspired by Tonia who has the same goals and desires as I do as a person. She has a desire to make other’s lives better and so do I.
Tell us some highlights from your first 90 days in your Steeped Tea business.
When I first discovered Steeped Tea I had chicken pox and so I was quarantined for 45 days and then longer because they just wouldn’t heal. So, I started doing events online. I did several events online and made all my investment back. Along with making my investment back, I was making new friends and getting reacquainted with old ones. What I didn’t realize is that these friends were making valuable deposits in my life that would forever change the person that I am today. They made me want to motivate, inspire and encourage others to be the very best they could be.


How has Steeped Tea changed your life?

Steeped Tea has changed my life by making me more aware of the gifts that I have been entrusted. I mean, we are all given the same 24 hours to live. It is up to us to choose what we will do with that time. Will you be a blessing and offer some of your valuable time to others or a listening ear to someone who is in pain? You will be amazed at the opportunities that arise when you’re ready to help change a life.  I get the opportunity to wake up knowing that I get to share life with others and they are adding value to my life, I would say that is a great job to have.


What are your next goals with your business?

My next goals are to obtain leadership and to have an amazing team! I’m on my way to both.
What would you tell other people considering this opportunity?

Steeped Tea is about finding your tribe and discovering a strong family. Steeped Tea has a strong value system and wants to see you succeed; they’re always available to help you. You are more than just a number.
What’s your favorite tea concoction?

My favorite concoction today is Steeped Cinnamon Hearts with Vanilla Matcha and almond milk. It changes all the time. That’s the beauty of being a Sipologist.


How would your friends/team describe your tea party style in one word?



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