For LaDawna Haugen, attracting others to her business came naturally in her first 90 days. Her hard work paid off too! LaDawna followed the new Success Start program and became a Group Leader in her first 90 days. We just needed to find out more about her business!
Why did you join Steeped Tea?
I was looking for a new and different direct sale company. When I met my upline Debbie at an event I was drawn to her and her booth because I love tea and she was so inviting!
Tell us some highlights from your first 90 days in your Steeped Tea business.
Watching my team grow has been a huge highlight for me. I have met so many people that I never would have met if it had not been for Steeped Tea!
What are your next goals with your business?
TO RETIRE! 25 years of being a nurse has taken a toll on my body and I am ready to be able to scale back some, but not have to worry about finances.
What would you tell other people considering this opportunity?
They don’t want to miss it! People think I am crazy when I tell them what an amazing opportunity this is, until they sign up and see what it does for them. Their minds are blown at the opportunity. I tell everyone that this is a “new born” company, still in it’s infancy! So, they need to join and grow with us!
What’s your favorite tea concoction?
There are several. Peaches and Cream with Vanilla Matcha taste like peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream. Italian Orange Soda with fresh oranges is heavenly!
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