Nancy has been extremely successful in her Sipology business and is now an official Group Director. We wanted to catch up with her and learn more about her business! See below to learn more:  

Why did you join Sipology by Steeped Tea?

I joined Steeped Tea to satisfy my love of tea and ones that would not make me sick. I have Celiac disease and prior to Steeped Tea, I found I was drinking tea with gluten. I was also looking for a business opportunity. The combination of the need to find a tea that wouldn’t hurt my body and the fact that it’s an amazing ground floor turnkey business with minimal investment made this an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.  

How has your business changed since joining a year ago?

Since joining, my business has changed dramatically. I have always done well in sales, so I was successful at that as the products sell themselves. Then I challenged myself to share the business opportunity with others and work with them to achieve their goals! Now I have a thriving team!  

 How has Sipology changed your life?

Sipology has changed my life dramatically! It’s impacted my finances! It’s allowed me to go on bucket list destinations with tea sisters from North America! It’s allowed me to really challenge myself and take risks in doing some unfamiliar things and then thriving in those situations! These experiences have impacted my self-confidence and allowed me to share those lessons with my team and ultimately be the best team leader possible!  

You have reached Group Director. What are your next goals?

My next goal is to have others on my team do the very same thing! Their successes are my successes, too!  

What would you tell other people considering this opportunity?

For others considering the business I would say look at the data... tea is the second most consumed beverage. It’s healthy, it’s trendy, it’s a consumable product! We offer an amazing opportunity with very little financial commitment. Try it for 90 days, work the success start and give it a go!  

What’s your favorite tea concoction?

My favourite concoction is the Orange Dreamsicle in lemonade! Love it!  

How would your friends/team describe your tea party style in one word?

I would say that my team and friends would say that my party style is ‘clean’. Meaning simple, current and duplicatable.

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