Sipologist Teisha balances her business with school work. We caught up with her between studies to discover the best things about her business and the success she’s had in the first months. Read on to learn more!

Why did you join Steeped Tea?
When I joined Steeped Tea, I honestly wasn’t even looking for a job. I am a university student and just wanted to focus on my studies. However, when I heard about how much it could benefit me & how flexible this company really was, I just couldn’t say no! I’m so happy I made the choice that I did.

What are some highlights from your first 90 days in your Steeped Tea business?
I love the 90-day Success Start program that Steeped Tea offers! It is motivating and super rewarding all at once. I was able to achieve 13 qualified parties within my first 3 months and earn all the awesome rewards to help me with my business! The biggest highlight from my first 90 days was having a phenomenal party for one of my hosts. It is my biggest party to date and I just couldn’t believe that I achieved that through a Facebook event. I was lucky to award my host with $500 of free product due to the double host rewards at the time.

How has Steeped Tea changed your life?
Steeped Tea has truly helped me to become more confident and has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. I am currently in an elementary education program and in a program like that, it is important to take risks and believe in yourself. I am so happy to have found a business like Steeped Tea that I am extremely passionate about. When people hear me talk about this program, they can see how happy and knowledgeable I am about it. I just tell them, “It’s easy to talk about something you truly love.”

What are your next goals for your business?
My goal moving forward is to focus on gathering people to become part of my TEAm. I hope to become a Group Leader & lead my TEAm to success!

What would you tell other people considering the Sipology opportunity?
For other people that are considering this opportuniTEA, I would say, “Do It!! You have absolutely nothing to lose!” I was able to make my money back and profit after my first-ever party! It is such a rewarding business and there are such supportive and loving people behind you to provide you support.

What’s your favorite tea concoction?
Something I love to do is experiment different ways to drink our tea! My absolute favorite concoction is ANY SANGRIA!! Mixing any of our fruit teas with some frozen fruit, wine, & ginger ale calls for a delicious & refreshing drink!