Steeped Tea is featured in the August 2015 issue of Canadian Business Journal and we couldn’t be more excited!

The article, A Fast Growing Tea Party Company Taking the Nation by Storm, is on newsstands now! Check out the issue at a local store, we’re on page 120 with a 9-page feature!

Tonia and Hatem share the Steeped Tea story and the incredible growth of the company. Most importantly, special accolades are given to the powerful sales force that is our Independent Steeped Tea Consultants.

“It’s amazing what can happen when a business is passionate about its following. For us, the sales force is the business. Our consultants really are the company, and Tonia puts them ahead of everything else. This story isn’t about Tonia and ourselves; it’s about the consultants, and how powerful a sales force can be, a sales force that’s connected socially like this. Because of this awesome growth rate, the company has been profitable, but all profits go right back into the company. The constant message is that everything we do here is all about the consultants, and that’s the key to our success. People notice that. Our sales force sees it, and our customers see it,” remarks Jahshan.

The most successful Consultants all have certain characteristics.
“They’re outgoing, they’re friendly, and they’re not really what you would expect. Some of our top consultants are teachers, grandparents, people who have worked in the retail industry. There is no real barrier. Everybody has a green light to succeed,” Jahshan tells us in the article.

Read the full article here and pick up a copy of the magazine today! We’re so proud to share this moment with you!