Summer is all about outdoor adventure, channeling your inner wanderlust, and discovering a new corner of the world. Embrace the summer weather while it’s here and get outside. Whether it’s a stay-cation, a camping trip, or a backpacking escapade, your tea-obsessed brain is probably wondering, “how will I have my favorite tea on-the-go?” We have you covered with these five convenient ways to take tea on your travels.

1. Tea Triangles are filled with the same whole-leaf tea you love. Many favorite blends are offered in this convenient format, making tea-on-the-go easy and mess-free. Take them to the campground, the park, or on an over-night stay at a bed and breakfast! Try Strawberry Fields, green tea (Code 4328) or Peppy Peppermint, herbal tea (Code 8038).

2. Tourist Tins fit into any pocket, purse, or backpack allowing you to keep your Tea Triangles within reach. In three different colors, you can conveniently separate your top three favorite blends and pack them for your journey. Don’t forget to pack a fruit tea for the kids! (Code 9326)

3. Pop Top Tumblers go everywhere you go! With a locking flip-top lid and double-walled, the Pop Top Tumbler was designed to keep your tea hot or cold for hours.

Make iced tea before you hit the road: Add fruit tea directly into the Pop Top Tumbler and fill it half way with hot water. Cover with the fine mesh infuser lid and let steep. Add ice to fill up the remaining Pop Top. Voila! Iced tea for your trip. We love the Pop Top Tumbler in Purple Reign (Code 9244).

4. Prepare our easy-to-make scones before you head out and seal in an air-tight container. Share this yummy treat around the campfire or as a side to your grilled goodies. When the kids ask, “are we there yet?” hand them a scone. Trust us, it works. They’ll love Blueberry White Chip Scone Mix (Code 14202).

5. Need to pack cutlery, hand wipes, bandages, and other small objects? The Stacking Tea Tins can also hold these items. They act as a caddy at the picnic table and a conversation starter for your Steeped Tea business! Not a Steeped Tea Consultant? Ask your Consultant for details on how you can get the Stacking Tea Tins Bundle in Coral Me Happy for these items and to organize your tea of course (Code 19510).
What tea-travelling tips do you have? Which tea do you love to pack on-the-go? Tell us on our Facebook Page.