Steeped Tea’s Founder, Tonia, is always on the go – when she’s not picking out the next hot product or coming up with a new tea blend, she’s giving a keynote speech, doing magazine interviews and traveling across North America for the 2015 Tea Tour. Not to mention, she’s a mom to three little ones and a wife to an amazing husband. She’s always coming up with creative recipes and reaching out to Steeped Tea’s Consultants on our Facebook Page.

We sat down with Tonia for this new monthly blog series – Talking with Tonia. She gave us some insight into her life and we know you love to hear all about Tonia. Here are our first three questions, answered:

  1. What was your first job?

“My first job was when I was 15 and I worked at McDonald’s. Looking back it was a great start – I learned a lot about customer service, some of which I still use today. I also learned the value of a dollar at this young age.”

  1. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“I always go back to this one and its ‘trust your gut.’ My instincts have always been right when making big life decisions and important business ones too. From going on Dragon’s Den to picking out the next trendy tea, I have always gone with my gut feeling. It’s never failed me.”

  1. What’s your favorite new tea?

“That’s easy, it’s my pumpkin matcha. I love fall and Halloween, this is the perfect companion for this upcoming season. I know you’ll love it too.”

If you could ask Tonia a question, what would it be? Tell us on our Facebook Page.