Time to get in the Halloween spirit! Goblins and ghouls, throw on your black and orange and gather ‘round, we’re about to sound off on 6 Sipology products you’ll need to throw a monster mash of a tea bar! 

Cocktail Gift Set (19225)

Start the party off right and have your guests sippin’ on tipsy tea or magical mocktails. Shaking up something tasty has never been easier than with the Cocktail Gift Set, which comes with the shaker, muddler and jigger. 

Pumpkin Spice Matcha (4611CA/4611US)

Fall doesn’t start until you’ve had pumpkin spice, this is scientifically proven! Why not blend up some Pumpkin Spice Matcha with frothed milk of your choice for a Frankenstein-friendly, Pumpkin Spice Matcha Latte!

Harvest Spice, Black Tea (1227CA/1227US)

Pumpkin patches, hay rides…all the good autumn fun – that’s what this tea will remind you of! Steep it in some apple juice for an easy mock apple cider!

Tonia’s Perfect Scone Mix (14201CA/14201US)

This scone mix is the master of all things baked. Use it to make regular or bite-sized scones or use it in a fruit crumble (yum!). Make ‘em savory or sweet – your guests will love them. 

Jolly Gingerbread Sweet Dip Mix (12054CA/12054US)

Our Sweet Dip Mixes are off the hook for real. You can use them SO many ways! Mix this delicious gingerbread dip with cream cheese for a cheeseball, yogurt for a dip, or try subbing it into your baked goods! Check out our Holiday Brochure for a totally drool-worthy Gingerbread Biscotti recipe. 

Iced Tea Collection (19395CA/19395US)

No Halloween tea bar is complete without some sips to shriek over! This collection comes with the ParTea Pitcher, 1 Pot of Steeped Tea Spoon and 3 tasty fruit teas. Beware, you’ll want to keep your pitcher full because we can think of nothing scarier than running out of iced tea. 

Want to host a spirited Halloween tea bar with your friends and fam? Click here to learn more.


Are you hosting a haunted Halloween tea bar this season? We’re dying to see what you’re brewing in your cauldron! Share it with us on social media using #Sipology.