Matcha green tea is a hot 2015 tea trend and I’ve decided to put the Matcha Challenge to the test. The goal is to add this healthy habit to my  day for 30 days. Here at Steeped Tea, we have the #MeetYourMatcha Challenge bundle (Code 19218) featuring all four of our amazing Matcha green teas including Sweet Strawberry Matcha, Pineapple Punch Matcha, and Melon Ball Matcha.

Here’s my Week 2 Matcha check-in:

Days 10, 11, 12 had me experimenting with even more smoothies as I prepared our family of five for a March Break getaway in the Dominican Republic. Matcha got me motivated to begin packing for our vacation! With my Matcha in hand, I didn’t feel nearly as overwhelmed loading up our suitcases for five!

Days 13, 14, 15 A Matcha latte helped me with my last minute errands. On Day 15 I packed my Matcha in my carry-on to bring with me to the Dominican Republic! We landed safely in the sunshine with our family.

Days 16, 17, 18 had me keeping up with our cousins and kids. I brought my Matcha in a Tumbler to the beach. We’ve been having fun all week; even Layla’s American Girl Doll needed a little Matcha fix. Inspired by Consultants in Costa Rica, I even added Matcha to a water bottle – it gave me energy to dance all night at our cousin’s wedding in beautiful Punta Cana.  

It is so easy to incorporate Matcha green tea into my day even while travelling.

Where did you bring your Matcha this week? Tell us on our Facebook Page!