I’ve met my Matcha green tea in the #MeetYourMatcha Challenge here at Steeped HO. The 30-day #MeetYourMatcha Challenge was started when we decided to sell the #MeetYourMatcha Challenge bundle (Code 19218) featuring all four of our amazing Matcha green teas. I thought I’d put the Challenge to the test.

Here’s my Week 1 check-in!

Days 1, 2, and 3 had me sipping Matcha at my desk and making morning smoothies. I’ve found that Matcha really provides the extra energy boost to kick-start my day!

On Days 4, 5, and 6 I was a little more adventurous with Matcha. I added Matcha to my granola and yogurt for a hearty breakfast. On a Sunday, I even sprinkled popcorn with our Matcha green tea and our SalTEA Topper. This was the perfect snack for Family Movie Night!
I just love adding Matcha into my daily routine, I even tried the  Matcha facemask and it left my skin feeling super smooth.

Days 7, 8, and 9 had me mixing up my morning smoothies. I’ve added Melon Ball Matcha and Sweet Strawberry Matcha to my smoothies for the little extra twist. Matcha got me ready for a Holiday photoshoot and pumped me up for my weekly cycling class.

I find myself thinking about how I’ll incorporate Matcha into my day and plan to continue even while on March Break with the kids! Adding Matcha to my daily routine has not only been delicious, but healthful as well! I feel energized and our new Matcha video on our YouTube Channel gets me extra motivated for the #MeetYourMatcha Challenge!

Have you joined the #MeetYourMatcha Challenge? Tell us how you’ve added Matcha tea to your day on our Facebook Page!