Sip to the New Year! Is your goal to stay hydrated, get more energy, or cut a bad habit? Tea offers a solution for you. It can help reach and maintain your goals in 2018! So which ones should you try first?

Here’s our top teas to share in January:

  • Tonia’s Birthday Cake, black tea! This infamous tea returns on January 4 just in time for our Founder’s birthday on January 7! Our celebration can’t go on without this energizing black tea; it tastes just like Black Forest Cake. Plus, it’s here for a limited time and only $5 too (Code 1467)! Don’t miss this Party.
  • Herbal teas. Filled with real herbs, fruits, and spices, these teas are great for a little rest and relaxation! Steep any of our Herbals (Peppy Peppermint, perhaps? Curious Cumin?) in a Tip Top Tea Carafe and keep them at your desk or in your fridge all day long to stay hydrated.
  • Have you met your Matcha? A new year’s resolution is boring as heck without matcha. This traditional Japanese tea is full of antioxidants and gives a calm-alertness without the crash. It’s a great way to kick a coffee habit. Shake it up in a protein shaker with orange juice or whisk into oatmeal or chia pudding (it’s very versatile). Great before and after you hit the gym! Vanilla Matcha is key.
  • The South African ‘red bush’ tea, Rooibos, is just the thing you’re looking for if you’re trying to keep your sweet tooth at bay. That and they’re naturally caffeine-free and great to sip any time of the day! Try Vanilla Cupcake to start.
  • Looking for a refreshing Iced Tea to help you and your family loose the sweetened, store-bought juices and pops? Try a Fruit or Veggie Tea. With no artificial colours or flavors, Fruit and Veggie Teas are perfect for switching to a healthier alternative. Kids love Pineapple Orange Cooler!  Yummy!

Looking to sample? Any of these are great to try at a complimentary pop up tea bar! Tea, it’s best shared with friends.

Put that date on the calendar for a night in of sampling the best. After all, you deserve to start your year right surrounded by friends trying new teas!

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Consultants, offer a solution with tea to your Customers this January!