Replace coffee and energy drinks with a fizzy boost of matcha!

Matcha Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Fizzy Matcha Sours combine the health benefits of matcha with a new fizz that tastes like sour candy. Thanks to low calories and low sugar, Fizzy Matcha Sours make a healthy alternative to sweet iced teas, soda pop, coffee or energy drinks.

Natural Energy Boost On The Go!

Perfect balance of sweet and sour

Fun and refreshing fizz

Only 5 calories per stick

Less sugar than soda pop and energy drinks

Long lasting energy source

Matcha’s Super Power

The long lasting effects of matcha can be attributed to l theanine. L theanine as well as the polyphenols natural compounds found in plants in tea slows the release of caffeine into the body. Therefore, matcha will create alertness while still keeping your brain relaxed, and the feeling of alertness will last much longer than that from a cup of coffee. Matcha can give you 4 6 hours (or more) or mellow, sustained energy. Whereas coffee can make some people jittery, matcha is much less likely to do this.

To picture this, think about eating an apple vs. Eating a chocolate bar. They both have sugar, but the fiber in the apple slows down the ingestion of the sugar into your bloodstream, giving you a more steady energy source. A chocolate bar will give you a quick boost of energy, and then a crash from the sugar. Similarly, the l theanine in matcha gives you a steady boost of caffeine, helps calm the mind and may improve memory and concentration, while coffee will give you a quick boost, but then your energy levels will crash. Because matcha releases caffeine over time, it is better suited to provide focus and concentration, and matcha does not cause those caffeine jitters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare it?

Just whisk 1 stick of Fizzy Matcha Sour in 1 cup of cold water. Serve immediately.

How long does the fizzing last?

Our Fizzy Matcha Sours can fizz for around 10 minutes, leaving you lots of time to sip and enjoy!

What makes it fizz?

SCIENCE! The carbonation that occurs when your Fizzy Matcha Sour is added to water is a result of the sodium bicarbonate and citric acid (which comes from fruit like lemon juice) being catalyzed by water to produce carbon dioxide. Sodium carbonate is baking soda, which is safe to consume and has a basic pH. Citric acid has an acidic pH. They are able to react and form carbon dioxide bubbles. The carbon dioxide released is the fizziness that you see.

Can I make it in my Pearl Big Sip?

Yes, but stirred not shaken! Use only 1 stick and only fill up halfway with cold water, to prevent overflowing fizziness and a leaky tumbler!

Will it still fizz in hot water?

Yes! Fizzy Matcha Sours can be prepared in hot water and will still fizz, but cold is our favorite.

Can I dissolve my it in different liquids?

Our Fizzy Matcha Sours are best dissolved in water, and we recommend not putting them in milk as the high acidity of the citric acid can cause milk to curdle (who likes sour milk!) Experiment with making cocktails or mocktails – you might make something amazing!

Do I still get all the benefits of matcha?

Yes, our Fizzy Matcha Sours still deliver all the benefits of green tea that you love. They are rich in antioxidants and contain L-theanine for a continuous energy boost allowing you to feel calm and alert.

How many can I consume in a day?

Our advice is to consume in moderation, we suggest 1-3 per day. Drinking more than 6 sticks per day is not recommended, because that’s a lot of matcha.

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